Patna Culture

Patna Culture

Patna Culture

Languages in Patna:-
Patna’s local language is Magahi or Magadhi a language got from the antiquated Magadhi Prakrit, which was made in the old realm of Magadha, the center of which was the region of Patna south of the Ganges. It is accepted to be the language expressed by Gautama Buddha. Patna has an energetic Bengali
culture too with numerous Bengali stalwarts including the principal Chief Minister of post-autonomy West Bengal, Bidhan Chandra Ray, being brought into the world here.

Folks Songs & Dance in Patna:-
Bidesia is quite possibly the most mainstream people dance in this district. The other society moves are Kajari, Paika, Jhijhian, Karma, Jhumar Dances. These moves are well known all through Bihar and are stilled during uncommon periodic and significant days. There are a lot of people’s melodies that are sung on unique days. These are regularly joined by Dholak, Bansuri, and Tabla. Holi melodies known as Phagua is likewise very mainstream here.


The staple food of Patna is roti, bhat, dal, tarkari, and achar.  The suppers are prepared to utilize mustard oil/Sarson ka teil. Another famous dish is the Khichdi, a stock of rice and lentils which is prepared with flavors. This is the most favored lunch of Patna. Other well-known dishes incorporate little-chokha which is made of bubbled potatoes and sweet luxuries like Anarasa, Belgrami, Motichoor ka Ladoo, Kala Jamun, Kesaria Peda, Khaja, Parwalka Mithai, Pua and Mal Pua, Thekua, Amla ka Murabba, and Tilkut. These dishes are stuffed with the kinds of the land and have begun here.


Chatt Puja/Chatt Festival is a significant celebration of the locale. It is praised on the sixth day of Diwali.  Patliputra Mahotsava is another significant celebration here. This celebration features the workmanship and culture of Bihar through different people’s dance and melody exhibitions.

Traditional Lifestyle in Patna:-

With regards to the customary dress method of dressing the two men and ladies are attached to rich and energetic tones. The conventional dress individuals of Patna city involves dhoti-kurta for the men people and saree for ladies. A brilliant Paag or Turban enhances the tops of the men and is worn as a superficial point of interest. The Saree is hung in the customary seedha aanchal style and hushes up mainstream among the ladies of Patna.

Influence of Western Lifestyle in Patna:-

Patna has risen up out of the status of a retrogressive spot and is quickly finding the metros regarding the way of life. The Patna culture has prompted individuals to get more liberal regarding food, apparel, and so forth Patna is grabbing individuals’ eye with offices gave to them, most recent being the free WiFi zone, which is viewed as the longest free WiFi zone on the planet.  Shirts, Trousers, Jeans, Skirts and Gowns are quick supplanting the conventional clothing like Sarees and Dhoti-Kurta.  In this way, the city reflects a genuine combination of East meets West.

Patna Culture