Bihar Museum

Bihar Museum

Bihar Museum is one of the celebrated attractions in Patna that worked to give bits of knowledge into the historical backdrop of Bihar and instill a feeling of regard and pride in the hearts of the current age. The historical center is a new expansion to the rundown of attractions in the city. One of the principal explanations behind building up the gallery was to make more space to house and show curios since the exceptionally old Patna Museum is running out of space. Since there was the little degree to move introduced antiques, the choice of maintaining the emphasis on Human History was taken. Hence, the Bihar Museum is the place where guests can discover data about mankind’s set of experiences of Bihar to an enormous degree. The presentations incorporate old antiquities of creative legacy, craftsmanships having a place with different clans and experiences into the over a significant time span of Bihar.

Bihar gallery spreads over a zone of 5.6 hectares of land and has an all-out developed territory of 24,000 square meters. The engineering has a fascinating scattered plan of structures that incorporate exhibitions, instructive and regulatory territories, and an anteroom. Truth be told, the development of the structure is a joint undertaking by an Indian and a Japanese Firm.


The Bihar Museum has a few exhibitions. These incorporate the Orientation exhibition, the youngsters display, the territorial exhibition, the contemporary exhibition, the authentic workmanship displays, the Bihari Diaspora exhibition, and the noticeable stockpiling exhibition. The shows on various subjects are shown in independent exhibitions. Every exhibition is enormous and has numerous antiquities in plain view including ones going back to the fourth century.

Children's gallery

Its assortment of antiques and show things are separated into six spaces: the Orientation Room, the Wildlife Sanctuary, the set of experiences segments on Chandragupta Maurya and Sher Shah Suri, the Arts and Culture segment, and the Discovery Room. Among the shows are a recreated Asian heaven flycatcher, the Indian goliath flying squirrel, creatures, fowls, trees, and plants local to the territory of Bihar. The display’s center is family learning; most shows are intended to be intuitive, permitting kids and families to effectively partake.

Bihari Diaspora gallery

The Bihari Diaspora Gallery investigates the commitment of Bihari individuals in making permanent engravings in the set of experiences and culture of different terrains where they settled. The exhibition gives the noteworthy setting of how Biharis were moved to nations like Mauritius, Bangladesh, and the past. Some were selected as workers at the beginning of the East India Company and others investigated unfamiliar terrains on their own drive. Actuate an intuitive guide to find out about the roots of Bihari culture, shipping lanes, and how the populace has migrated in unfamiliar terrains. Aside from the past developments, additionally find ongoing accounts of individuals of Bihar, their achievements and their inclusions, to comprehend the impact Bihar has had around the planet. Doing combating amazingly antagonistic conditions, numerous basic Biharis alongside Bihari greats have affected the fate of history, culture, and society of India.